About The Artist


I'm a huge lover of cats and most animals, and a lot of my work is inspired and about them. 


I've done artwork for charity before, and I have another upcoming project planned.

Pattern design

One thing I enjoy most about decorative artwork is how much freedom you get with it. In these anxious times, I find it important to take a moment to take a breath and relax. 


I've always had an interest in text, type and fonts. I very much enjoy creating my own fonts, as well as illustrative typography. Not a lot consider text as an art form, but you'll be surprised on what can be done with the simple word.

Who's Essie Jay?

I'm Essie Jay.

Third year Animation and Illustration student who absolutely adores printmaking, typography, designing and drawing. 


I believe that printmaking and traditional art processes are something we shouldn't loose our connection with, and I think it's important not to loose touch with print.